Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Play safe, get yourself an Overseas Health Insurance!

Planning on traveling around the world any time soon? There you have plenty of reasons, why you should get yourself equipped with an Overseas Health Insurance Policy. Life is bouquet of surprises, both the good and the bad ones! And a bad surprise on an unknown terrain can leave you completely stranded and without help.

Even though you may have a health insurance, it may not cover your medical expenses on a foreign land. But buying a good Overseas Health Insurance will offer help 24/7, so even if you run into any problems you'll be able to get assistance immediately.

Today, acquiring an overseas health insurance policy is no longer an elaborate task, with most companies offering them online. Insurance companies have an array of services so that you can choose the plan that suits you the best! Following is a list of the various benefits that you are entitled to as an Online Health Insurance Plan holder from our banner:
• You can choose from an array of Overseas Health Insurance Plans including-Individual, Family, Senior Citizens and Corporate.
• In lieu of your Overseas Health Insurance, you get round the clock access to medical advice on telephone from any corner of the world.
• You are also entitled to referrals of medical practitioners and hospitals no matter where you are.
• Overseas Health Insurance ensures that all your medical expenses incurred during hospitalization are reimbursed.
• You can also have your loved one by your side, when you need him / her the most, as an Overseas Health Insurance Plan arranges for their visit in case of hospitalization.
• As an Insurance holder, you don’t even need to go through a medical test upto 70 years of age and much more for a trip of duration of not more than 180 days.