Sunday, November 29, 2009

About Maxima Family Insurance Plan

Buddies, have you heard about the Family Health Care Insurance called Maxima offered by Apollo Munich Insurance? I must say this is one of the best family health insurance plans offered by any insurance company till date. I bought this 360 degree cover that includes both inpatient and outpatient medical expenses on cashless basis and reimbursement facility. Guys, the purpose of sharing my experience is that you should get insured with some family insurance plans to be on the safer side so that you don’t burn a hole into your pockets on medical expenses. Again before going for a family health care insurance, do read about the benefits and what expenses it includes. I did a blunder in choosing the wrong family insurance plan. But now, I am happy with the one that I and my family are insured with.

I am married with one kid and have my dependent parents; so I chose the Family Health Insurance Plans. The Apollo Munich Insurance executive showed me the individual plan under the Maxima scheme and also showed me other family insurance plans offered by this company. Two years back I did get insured with a family health insurance plan of some other company. Unfortunately it didn’t include maternity expenses, outpatient dental treatment and spectacles/contact lenses. And I ended up spending cash for all three treatments amounting to over Rs. 1 lakh. It was then I thought of switching to another family insurance plan that includes these treatment expenses too. And I found the answer with Maxima.