Monday, November 23, 2009

About Travel Insurance

One may raise this question about the necessity of a Travel Insurance or say a travel health insurance. Where uncertainties exist, it is advisable that you stay equipped with probable solutions. Further, when there is no dearth of travel insurance providers, you stay at a competitive advantage of choosing a travel health insurance policy as per your choice and budget. All travelers should be insured with travel health insurance plans to face unseen and sudden inconveniences at ease. The traveler’s portfolio may not be limited to a particular motive; it may be for education, leisure, office conference, business visit, and more. As individuals, as families, you are no wonder, a part of the travelers’ world! Safe and hassle free travel is what everyone desires. Travel health insurance plans guide the insured against illnesses, lost luggage, lost passport, thefts and other unanticipated occurrences. Hence, the need for travel insurance!

Before buying a Travel Health Insurance Plans, check what the policy covers as well as the benefits if offers. One travel insurance company that offers unmatched benefits is Apollo Munich Insurance. It offers health insurance plans in four variants with each covering the traveler’s need for emergency cash, doctor referrals, family transportation, transport of imported medicines, pre-hospitalization & post-hospitalization expenses, access to latest travel and health-related information, and more. The variants include ‘individual’ (6 months-70 years), ‘family’ (husband-wife up to 70 years and 4 children up to 21 years), ‘senior citizen’ (71-80 years), and ‘annual multi-trip plan’ (extra edge of protection).