Thursday, November 26, 2009

Medical Health Coverage

Buddies, you will agree with me if I say that Medical Insurance plays an important role in our lives. God forbid…you stay healthy all throughout your life. But you never know when things turn the other side. And it happened with us! That’s why I am sharing my experience with you guys and the need for medical insurance coverage.

We are a joint family; my cousin met with an accident, his head and eye were badly affected. We admitted him in the best hospital of the district. I was sitting at the reception when I saw a lady submitting a Mediclaim health insurance card. A huge sum amounting to nearly Rs. 5 lakh – charges for surgery and hospitalization concerning her husband - turned free for the lady! I was so surprised. We deposited Ra. 2 lakh for the surgery and needed to pay more in the coming days.

I followed the lady once all formalities are completed and enquired about the card. She answered that her family of five were insured with Apollo Munich medical health insurance plan and that the card is an identity proof. I requested her to elaborate on it. She then said that all five of them were insured with the ‘Family Floater – Easy Health Premium’ plan amounting to an insured sum of Rs. 5 lakh. She said that all expenses incurred within the said budget, i.e. Rs. 5 lakh were free. The only amount they paid was the premium.