Monday, November 16, 2009

Benefits of a Health Care Insurance

Buddies, this is Maitreyi....I am so eager to share my experiences at this blog forum about the benefits that I availed after buying a health care policy. Well, it was three months back that I simply browsed through some online portals to gain an insight into health care insurance. Apollo Munich Insurance appealed to me the most and I applied for health care online. I filled in the details...and very soon I got insured with an individual Health Care Policy – easy Health Standard - involving a meager amount. You never know when diseases hit your doorsteps...I was never hospitalized during my 24 years and fever once in three or four months used to be my regular disease.

My God..I was diagnosed with tumor in my kidney and had to immediately undergo a surgery. The health care insurance card bore the complete cost amounting to nearly Rs. 2 lakh.

What was covered in the health care policy were in-patient treatment, pre- and post- hospitalization, domiciliary treatment, daily cash for shared accommodation, and more. I am thinking to opt for the Family Health Care Insurance once the year is complete. I caught a glimpse of the plan comparison chart and saw the differences in the benefits that one can avail with the insured sum.

So, I opted for the Easy Health Premium; now I can take care of the medical expenses for my parents without worrying about the expense factor. So, guys get a good health coverage; to save time go for health care online.