Sunday, November 29, 2009

About Maxima Family Insurance Plan

Buddies, have you heard about the Family Health Care Insurance called Maxima offered by Apollo Munich Insurance? I must say this is one of the best family health insurance plans offered by any insurance company till date. I bought this 360 degree cover that includes both inpatient and outpatient medical expenses on cashless basis and reimbursement facility. Guys, the purpose of sharing my experience is that you should get insured with some family insurance plans to be on the safer side so that you don’t burn a hole into your pockets on medical expenses. Again before going for a family health care insurance, do read about the benefits and what expenses it includes. I did a blunder in choosing the wrong family insurance plan. But now, I am happy with the one that I and my family are insured with.

I am married with one kid and have my dependent parents; so I chose the Family Health Insurance Plans. The Apollo Munich Insurance executive showed me the individual plan under the Maxima scheme and also showed me other family insurance plans offered by this company. Two years back I did get insured with a family health insurance plan of some other company. Unfortunately it didn’t include maternity expenses, outpatient dental treatment and spectacles/contact lenses. And I ended up spending cash for all three treatments amounting to over Rs. 1 lakh. It was then I thought of switching to another family insurance plan that includes these treatment expenses too. And I found the answer with Maxima.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Medical Health Coverage

Buddies, you will agree with me if I say that Medical Insurance plays an important role in our lives. God forbid…you stay healthy all throughout your life. But you never know when things turn the other side. And it happened with us! That’s why I am sharing my experience with you guys and the need for medical insurance coverage.

We are a joint family; my cousin met with an accident, his head and eye were badly affected. We admitted him in the best hospital of the district. I was sitting at the reception when I saw a lady submitting a Mediclaim health insurance card. A huge sum amounting to nearly Rs. 5 lakh – charges for surgery and hospitalization concerning her husband - turned free for the lady! I was so surprised. We deposited Ra. 2 lakh for the surgery and needed to pay more in the coming days.

I followed the lady once all formalities are completed and enquired about the card. She answered that her family of five were insured with Apollo Munich medical health insurance plan and that the card is an identity proof. I requested her to elaborate on it. She then said that all five of them were insured with the ‘Family Floater – Easy Health Premium’ plan amounting to an insured sum of Rs. 5 lakh. She said that all expenses incurred within the said budget, i.e. Rs. 5 lakh were free. The only amount they paid was the premium.

Monday, November 23, 2009

About Travel Insurance

One may raise this question about the necessity of a Travel Insurance or say a travel health insurance. Where uncertainties exist, it is advisable that you stay equipped with probable solutions. Further, when there is no dearth of travel insurance providers, you stay at a competitive advantage of choosing a travel health insurance policy as per your choice and budget. All travelers should be insured with travel health insurance plans to face unseen and sudden inconveniences at ease. The traveler’s portfolio may not be limited to a particular motive; it may be for education, leisure, office conference, business visit, and more. As individuals, as families, you are no wonder, a part of the travelers’ world! Safe and hassle free travel is what everyone desires. Travel health insurance plans guide the insured against illnesses, lost luggage, lost passport, thefts and other unanticipated occurrences. Hence, the need for travel insurance!

Before buying a Travel Health Insurance Plans, check what the policy covers as well as the benefits if offers. One travel insurance company that offers unmatched benefits is Apollo Munich Insurance. It offers health insurance plans in four variants with each covering the traveler’s need for emergency cash, doctor referrals, family transportation, transport of imported medicines, pre-hospitalization & post-hospitalization expenses, access to latest travel and health-related information, and more. The variants include ‘individual’ (6 months-70 years), ‘family’ (husband-wife up to 70 years and 4 children up to 21 years), ‘senior citizen’ (71-80 years), and ‘annual multi-trip plan’ (extra edge of protection).

Friday, November 20, 2009

Why Buy a Medical Insurance Policy

Hello buddies…it is good to see so many bloggers posting their experiences, both positive and negative on medical insurance policies. Hopefully people who are reading the posts and are planning to buy Medical Insurance plans can choose the best option. Traveling is fun and what is associated with it is the safety issue. Hence, to stay on the safer side, it is necessary that you get a medical insurance for travel.

I have faced difficulties during travel and one of my friends got hospitalized in Frankfurt while on a trade fair visit and as we were not aware about medical insurance for travel, we ended up emptying our pockets as well as facing the hassles. Later, a colleague suggested us to buy a medical insurance policy; today, we are insured, so we no longer worry about any medical inconveniences.

Almost one out of every five people gets hospitalized for one ailment or the other and you will be surprised at the high medicine bills, hospitalization charges, surgery bills, and what not. One of my neighbors accumulated some 10 lakh rupees in 10 years to get his daughter married; unfortunately he had to spend Rs. 4 lakh for his heart surgery. Had he bought a Mediclaim with a few thousand bucks, the complete amount would have been saved.

There must be hundreds of related cases. So, buddies stay insured with medical insurance plans to save yourselves from the spiraling medical bills. You can buy medical policy from companies like Apollo Munich Insurance.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Benefits of a Health Care Insurance

Buddies, this is Maitreyi....I am so eager to share my experiences at this blog forum about the benefits that I availed after buying a health care policy. Well, it was three months back that I simply browsed through some online portals to gain an insight into health care insurance. Apollo Munich Insurance appealed to me the most and I applied for health care online. I filled in the details...and very soon I got insured with an individual Health Care Policy – easy Health Standard - involving a meager amount. You never know when diseases hit your doorsteps...I was never hospitalized during my 24 years and fever once in three or four months used to be my regular disease.

My God..I was diagnosed with tumor in my kidney and had to immediately undergo a surgery. The health care insurance card bore the complete cost amounting to nearly Rs. 2 lakh.

What was covered in the health care policy were in-patient treatment, pre- and post- hospitalization, domiciliary treatment, daily cash for shared accommodation, and more. I am thinking to opt for the Family Health Care Insurance once the year is complete. I caught a glimpse of the plan comparison chart and saw the differences in the benefits that one can avail with the insured sum.

So, I opted for the Easy Health Premium; now I can take care of the medical expenses for my parents without worrying about the expense factor. So, guys get a good health coverage; to save time go for health care online.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Health Insurance—Be Healthy and Wise

Health Insurance sector is now a well spread out business, so seeking health insurance online quote from various health insurance sites is not a problem. And this can also help in the reduction of small business health insurance costs. What an online search for best health insurance rates involves is a conducive study of varied health insurance schemes highlighted on different health insurance company sites.

A number of health care companies bring forth for their small business clients a portfolio of health insurance schemes and options. This portfolio comprises of an assortment of policy of choices inclusive of the employer contribution and the plan options the employee will have. The employees in this case can decide the premium costs they would like to pay. And the health insurance schemes and plans range from a standard HMO to comprehensive PPO coverage. Now while many people today are able to get some type of health insurance from their employers, but then many others, the low paid, or say, the self-employed and the unemployed still are clueless about the whereabouts of a good quality health insurance coverage at a lower or preferably a fair price.

This is where a little research can help one make sensible comparisons, letting one choose low cost health insurance schemes on the Internet. You just cannot hurry up with the research if you have a family; so, choose carefully the Best Health Insurance Plan fitting well within your budget. Be selective as well as careful while making the right choice.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Buying the best Health Care Insurance Policy

India has witnessed major growth in the area of health insurance since the year 2001. National insurance giants tied up with global insurance players to earn more recognition. In case, you still do not own a health insurance plan, then you might be risking your health. With the medical costs touching the skies, it has become vital to insure your health and then have the health care insurance companies paying your bills on your behalf. Health care insurance is more of a necessity in today’s world when even a minor health check up can dig a hole in your pockets. So Purchase Health Insurance plan as soon as possible and relax as health care insurance will not only provide you excellent policy benefits but also render you maximum tax savings.

Before you purchase medical insurance, always ensure that you go in for the right health insurance company. The second step is to look for a low cost health insurance plan which you can easily do online. No more running after health insurance agents to get a bargained deal. Simply log on to the Best Insurance Company website and fill in your quote details and then wait for the call.

In this way not only can you choose the best insurance plan but also avail online discounts. The best low cost health insurance is which offers maximum benefits at the lowest costs. To purchase such a medical insurance plan, you need analyze before finally settling down for a policy.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Family Health Insurance

Trying to purchase the right kind of family health insurance that would fit well within the budget is not an easy task, and with the augmenting medical costs, it has become even tougher. Now when it comes to deciding the budget, a family health care insurance plan always works better than an individual health insurance plan. While Individual health insurance plans and Family Health Insurance Plans are similar, they still differ in cost and degree of coverage. Hence it is vital to know their seemingly invisible differences. While an individual health insurance plan is simply for only one person, a family health insurance plan works wonders for the entire family.

As suggested by the name itself, family Health Insurance Premium are specially designed to suit the health needs of the family. However, the costs of family health insurance plans are higher as they cover more than an individual. And so larger the family more will be the cost of family insurance plan. Moreover, various other factors like ages, gender, and habits of the family members too are taken into consideration before deciding the premium amount.

Therefore, a family insurance plan for health coverage might cost you more than you might have imagined. However, just the way there are indemnity plans available for individuals and those which cover families. These indemnity plans provide the same freedom that they provide for individual plans, and hence indemnity plans for families are cheaper than a family insurance plan and hence these are more profitable.