Friday, November 20, 2009

Why Buy a Medical Insurance Policy

Hello buddies…it is good to see so many bloggers posting their experiences, both positive and negative on medical insurance policies. Hopefully people who are reading the posts and are planning to buy Medical Insurance plans can choose the best option. Traveling is fun and what is associated with it is the safety issue. Hence, to stay on the safer side, it is necessary that you get a medical insurance for travel.

I have faced difficulties during travel and one of my friends got hospitalized in Frankfurt while on a trade fair visit and as we were not aware about medical insurance for travel, we ended up emptying our pockets as well as facing the hassles. Later, a colleague suggested us to buy a medical insurance policy; today, we are insured, so we no longer worry about any medical inconveniences.

Almost one out of every five people gets hospitalized for one ailment or the other and you will be surprised at the high medicine bills, hospitalization charges, surgery bills, and what not. One of my neighbors accumulated some 10 lakh rupees in 10 years to get his daughter married; unfortunately he had to spend Rs. 4 lakh for his heart surgery. Had he bought a Mediclaim with a few thousand bucks, the complete amount would have been saved.

There must be hundreds of related cases. So, buddies stay insured with medical insurance plans to save yourselves from the spiraling medical bills. You can buy medical policy from companies like Apollo Munich Insurance.