Monday, January 4, 2010

Travel Insurance for Multi-Trip

For corporate executives like me who travel round the year, a travel medical insurance holds great significance. Many companies get their employees insured with health insurance or reserve travel health insurance for their staff who travel for attending business meets and the like. Surprisingly the company I work for doesn’t offer such facilities. So, I had to buy a travel health insurance to stay secured against any inconveniences during my travel or during my stay abroad. I suggest you guys who travel a lot should get insured with Travel Insurance too.

Around ten to twelve trips a year and even more than that were a part of my yearly schedule. My career journey started some four years back. Initially for the first two years, I didn’t have a Travel Medical Insurance. No insurance agent approached me and I didn’t pay heed to my travel agent asking me to buy one. Well, during those two years, I had to pay for one cause or the other almost once in every four trips. Once I lost my baggage, another time I fell ill and got hospitalized; another time there was a flight delay of several hours and the hassles as well as the expenses involved did burn a hole in my pocket.

And after two long years, I searched online, got a Travel Health Insurance quote and chose Apollo Munich Insurance Easy Travel – Annual Multi-trip plan. The travel health insurance quote I got from other insurance providers didn’t satisfy me.