Thursday, January 14, 2010

Health Insurance services in India

Buddies, I believe Best health Insurances In India are yet to pick up momentum. Only three out of my ten colleagues are insured and I do not know about the other colleagues. Even the family members of those seven are not insured. Out of the three, two have taken individual health insurance and only one, a family plan. If this is the condition in every office which does not provide medical insurance to its staff, you can well conjecture the number of uninsured people in India! This exhibits the poor performance of the health insurance service sector in India. Gone were the days when only a few companies catered the people with health insurance services.

Today, there are a number of Health Insurance Providers in the country yet without success. People should procure health insurance services to maintain a balance of expenses. Almost every home in India has a track record of spending huge amounts as hospital bills. A health insurance will enable them to save on their medical costs.

You must be wondering that I must be talking rubbish; but this is the reality. I am a victim of such a circumstance. Today I am insured with this health insurance provider called Apollo Munich Insurance. When numerous health insurance providers exist, offering competitive plans, it was a tough job for me in choosing the right health insurance provider. My cousin helped me out by searching on the web and now he is insured with Apollo Munich Insurance plan too.