Sunday, January 10, 2010

Medical Policies by Apollo Munich Insurance

A medical policy enables the insured to manage himself and his family’s health-related needs, which may range from consultation, hospitalisation to post-hospitalisation. A one-time premium is to be paid for the insured amount. The premium depends on the insured amount, which may vary from Rs. 1 lakh or less to several lakhs. Most medical health insurance providers keep the insured amount in between the Rs. 1 lakh to the Rs. 10 lakh figure. The higher premium you pay, the higher is the insured amount and the benefits covered also vary as per the plans chosen.

Medical health insurance and medical travel insurance offered by Apollo Munich Insurance are designed in a way to suit the need and budget of all. Apollo Munich Insurance provides a number of Medical Policies and the uniqueness of the policies it offers is the many benefits covered unlike other insurance providers.

Apollo Munich medical health insurance plans ensure double protection of prevention and cover. You can either choose individual plans or family plans from amongst three categories of medical health insurance – standard, exclusive, and premium with cover amount ranging from Rs. 1,00,000 to Rs. 10,00,000 as per the option you pick. A medical policy under Apollo Munich Insurance entitles you to avail hospital benefits on a cashless basis in over 4000 network hospitals.

Medical travel insurance is a bit different from health insurance in that it covers all risks related to travel. Loss of baggage, accident, falling ill in a foreign land, etc. is covered by medical travel insurance.