Thursday, January 7, 2010

Best Insurance Company

I ought to declare guys that health insurance schemes offered by Apollo Munich Insurance are the best. Do not think that I am doing some advertisement for the company. It is the benefits I gained that forced me to share my experience at this blog forum so that you stay benefited too. And I suggest you guys that if you are not yet insured, go for the health insurance schemes offered by this Best Insurance Company in the country. It offers both health and travel insurance and more and the benefits covered are matchless compared to other companies.

I was insured with a Mediclaim Policy – the family plan – for two years with one renewal year with some medical insurance company…I won’t take its name….I had to undergo some dental treatment that amounted to several thousands and I had to pay near to Rs. 1 lakh for my wife’s maternity expenses. And though I had this medical card, it didn’t turn useful as these two were not covered. I didn’t renew it the 3rd year and later after one more year I searched online for the best mediclaim policy and that was how I chanced to buy Apollo Munich Insurance exclusive plan. Now, I am the father of another child and I was able to get my wife admitted in one of the best hospitals in the city.

The complete expenses were borne by this best insurance company. We are planning for an overseas leisure tour and the best travel insurance can be availed at Apollo Munich Insurance only.

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